The Ultimate Guide to Mobility Scooters

The Ultimate Guide to Mobility Scooters

Stop and ask yourself the following questions: Is it difficult for you to move around? Do you find it challenging when trying to travel and live life to the fullest? Do you wish you would not let your age hold you back? Is it a challenge to simply live everyday life because you do not have the appropriate mobility scooter? If you answered yes then The Perfect Wheelchair, is here to help you find the perfect scooter today. There is no longer a need to be confined to a wheelchair or fight with your current scooter that is unable to perform correctly.

The Perfect Wheelchair finds you the top mobility scooters at a low costs so that you are no longer constrained in their under-performing scooters due to their financial situation. No matter what a your personal needs or desires for a scooter are; The Perfect Wheelchair has a mobility scooter that will be perfect for you. It is highly advised that before making any mobility scooter purchases, you should take the time to read this guide to learn more about your options. Stop waiting and visit The Perfect Wheelchair now so you can get the proper chair for your life and begin living once again.

Travel Mobility Scooters

Now with the assistance of The Perfect Wheelchair, if you are always on the go, you are now able to find a mobility scooter that is easily transportable. Travel Mobility Scooters that are an excellent option because of they are:

  • easy disassembling with pieces weighing 22 lbs
  • easy reassembling
  • able to fit into compact trunks/spaces
  • high performing scooter
  • great speed with ranges of 5mph or less
  • battery with driving ranges between 10 to 20 miles

The Travel Mobility Scooters are the best option for you if you are always on the move, need versatility between indoors and outdoors, need a long battery range, and require a scooter that is transportable. Unfortunately, this style may not be the best fit for you if you need a scooter that can be used outside, needs a longer battery life, or need it to move over 5 miles per hour.

Be sure to go visit The Perfect Wheelchair website to browse our selection of travel mobility scooters to find which would be the best for you. We break each power mobility scooter option down so that you can easily understand the assets each scooter can provide to your life.

Full-Size Mobility Scooters

A full-size mobility scooter is a great option for many people because of the versatility of this particular style; it could be the perfect mobility scooter for you too. The full-size mobility scooters are really a scooter that takes a lot of everyday-life factors into account.

This may be the best scooter option for you if you are searching for a scooter that offers the following key items:

  • 3 to 4-wheel chair
  • 42″ to 59″ turning radius
  • suspension for smooth riding
  • high back on the seat
  • ability to recline seat
  • lights for visibility outdoors
  • elevating seat
  • versatile for indoor and outdoor usage
  • weight limit of up to 500 pounds
  • higher speeds ranging from 4 mph up to 10 miles per hour
  • incredible battery life from 20 to 30 miles

Although full-size mobility scooters fit a large number of requirements for people, it still may not be the perfect fit for you. It is crucial to realize that this is not as portable as other mobility scooters. It is difficult to move around in an apartment or smaller home in this style. These points may be a red-flag when trying to find the best scooter purchase for you. Be sure you weigh all of the scooter options before deciding. Visit The Perfect Wheelchair website to see the positives and negatives of this style to make sure you get the perfect fit.

Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooters

Are you a person that may desire a little more room in their chair? Or maybe someone that needs a mobility scooter that can go just about anywhere? If you answered yes to either of these then the heavy-duty mobility scooter may be the best scooter option for you. This scooter offers people a larger seat, as well as, a higher weight capacity.

Some key points to think about if are seriously considering a heavy-duty mobility scooter option are as follows:

  • available in all popular styles
  • has a higher weight capacity of up to 500 pounds

Be sure to visit The Perfect Wheelchair website now to get more information regarding the heavy-duty mobility scooters.

Folding Mobility Scooters

While the folding mobility scooter is similar when compared to the travel scooter due to its easy portability; it is still fairly different. This scooter is the perfect investment if you need a chair that is compact, has smaller transportable pieces, or if you are looking for a scooter that can easily be utilized inside.

The folding mobility scooters tend to have a shorter battery life than the travel scooter; maxing out at around 9 miles. It also does not have the best performance on more rough outdoor terrain and cannot exceed 4 miles an hour. It is important to take these differing factors into considerations before purchasing a scooter in order to get the perfect fit for you.

Begin Living Once Again

Mobility scooters are the best way to become mobile again and get out into the world. There are many different styles of mobility power scooters to choose from and this guide highlights the benefits of each style. Visit now and find the mobility scooter that fits your lifestyle and your budget today!


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